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So, after doing lots of research, I've decided to purchase Microsoft's new Surface Pro 2. Although it's far from perfect, it seems to really match my specific use case: the iPad doesn't do enough for me and I don't want to be stuck with the laptop form factor all the time. My iMac is currently about 7yrs old and not cutting it any longer, so, after months of deliberation, I've decided to go for it. Unfortunately, Microsoft's broken store is making it really tough.

My cart shows a device and a type cover, but when I go to check out, it tells me they are experiencing technical difficulties. When I subsequently talk to support, they tell me they are out of stock – then why can't their site tell me that? Not only that, but they have no idea when more devices will arrive and they cannot take my order for shipment when it arrives. How silly is this? I just have to keep checking back to see if maybe it's come back in? Really?

Maybe I should just pick up a tried-n-true MacBook Air…