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Daddy! There's a yak in the sky!

A couple of stupid stories from me today:

This morning, on our way to religious school, Mattie pointed out that the clouds looked like a yak. I was shocked that she got so specific with what I think of as an obscure animal, but she was right. — it was a yak with distinctive horns and all.

Our sleeping configuration is a bit odd these days maverick is much safer on the floor now, and therefore Misun is often found sleeping on the floor as well. She often starts off in bed with me and then goes to him when he starts playing her song… at the top of his lungs. Occasionally I will follow her later on because I enjoy sleeping with the woman I married.

Sometimes, Mattie gets up in the middle of the night because something has spooked her (it was darker than usual because her door had been closed by someone), and this happened two nights ago. With my mom in town for a bit, Maverick's bed was on the floor in our room and I'd followed Misun there when she went to him. Mattie's crying finally woke me up, but I was so disoriented that I must have spent five minutes trying to figure out wht I couldn't get out the door before figuring out it was actually the window on the opposite side of the room. On the plus side, Mattie's tears vanished and were replaced by laughter as soon as I explained what happened. Win?

In other news, I am very nervous for Misun during her flight to Korea at the end of the week. Mattie will be great, I have no doubt. Yong-hee is a sweetheart, but he is very mobile now crawling and climbing and practicing standing. Henson the cusp of walking, too and I'm afraid it may even happen this week! I think he is going to make life very difficult for Misun and all those around her on the plane. Good luck, Misun! At least he only goes in bursts of about two to three hours at a time between naps…