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Mattie had a great summer at the pool

It looks like they are getting ready to close up our pool soon and Mattie's not here to enjoy it now anyway, but she had a great summer of swimming!

Mattie has always love to play in the water, but in the beginning of the summer, that involved a life jacket and hugging the sides (or daddy) for dear life. We went to the pool nearly very day after I got home from work and most weekends, too. Now she's swimming by herself, jumping in, diving down (a bit), swimming with her face in the water and she can swim all the way across the pool in the deep end! I am so proud.

Towards the end, I was bringing Yonghee (Maverick) to the pool with her and we would float around together in a tube while Mattie had a blast. I love being their dad. I can't wait until their back.

When she showed gramma, she gave her a dollar – like what grampa used to do for us in upstate New York.