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So, it seemed that all the damage to our car in our recent accident was external and cosmetic, but now I'm not so sure. Last night, seemingly for no reason at all, a whole mess of lights on our dashboard went on and have not gone off since (unless the car is turned off). It also started making a strange sound. The insurance agents already declared it a total loss, but we figured we could take the money, fix some of it and keep driving it at least until I finish my dissertation, but now I think that's no longer an option. It could be something small, but do we want to spend the money on even diagnosing a problem in a car that's already a total loss?

New car shopping is definitely not convenient for us at the moment.

As an added bonus, today we're seeing a massive snowstorm and I really want to take Mattie and Yonghee out in it. Mattie will go sledding and I really want Yonghee to have his first opportunity to play in the white stuff that falls from the sky. However, he is going into his third day being sick and, with the roads the way they are and the way our car is, Misun won't let me risk taking him out if we can't easily get him to a doctor/hospital if things get worse.