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How can we have a bad case of the Mondays?

This morning it was very difficult to get everyone up. I had to go wake Mattie three times before she got up and Misun had a rough time of it as well. Mom was fast asleep, too. All morning I kept thinking back to Office Space and how everyone must have a bad case of the Mondays… then, of course, I realised that today is Tuesday!
As I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned, I was amazed in the early months with Mattie when Misun showed me that the best way to keep her from taking off a hat or a bow was to show her how cute she looked in a mirror. She has definitely been a big fan of clothes with her own, unique style for as long as I can remember. I don't remember the last time Misun or I actually picked out her clothing or helped her with getting dressed. However, we do have to work hard to keep it from getting out of hand.

Any chance she gets, she will change into a new outfit. I swear, she's like Superman and her bedroom's her telephone booth — except Superman always changed into the same outfit (and whatever happened to his everyday clothes?). Mattie has a different sort of consistency — whenever she disappears into her room for a second, she comes out a princess. She's so fast that sometimes it takes us a while to notice that we're now talking to Merida nstead of Rapunzel. We've had to institute such policies as: no changing clothes without a shower (which gets her begging to take showers some days).

Maybe she'll become a fashion designer?

sesame seeds are pretty awesome

The other day Misun decided to put sesame seeds in a salad and I couldn't believe I'd forgot how much I like them! A few days later I went over to Bloomingfooods to pick up a package of them. They're pretty much perfect for snacking. They are tiny and it's easy to grab a pinch of seeds when and pop them in your mouth, but it's difficult to take a whole lot. Therefore, I can snack all day and barely make a dent!



I was noticing the other day that th endorsement eature on LinkedIn is really pretty weak. You can write down anything you want and anyone can endorse you for anything you've written. This wouldn't be so bad because who's really going to care to do that unless they really know, right? Well, I guess that no one was endorsing people and so LinkedIn, in all their wisdom, decided to start pushing for more activity. Now, when you log in, they often hit you with a block of four people who have indicated proficiency in some skill and they make you respond as to whether or not you agree. Sayin yes s fairly obvious, while saying no s less so. As a result, I have endorsements of various reported skills from people who have no reason to know the extent of my skills in those areas. What doe endorsemen in this case really mean anyway?

So, I ask that anyone who reads this and is connected to me on LinkedIn please endorse any of the sillier and more nonsensical skills I've listed there (e.g Obscure Technology o Underwater Skydiving). I'm not really sure why I want you to do this when I really just want them to fix this, but it would make me happy.


Thank goodness for carseats with rollbars!

When we returned from NY in the beginning of the month, we had an early flight with a connection and tons of luggage, so by the time we landed, we were pretty hungry. We decided to stop off at Ponderosa Steakhouse. Misun loves steak and I was psyched for their salad bar. It was decent food — nothing amazing (and we're sure glad that Misun ordered the premium steak) but passable.

On our way in, Yong-hee was sleeping, so we brought him in in the carseat. They've got a strange picture-only menu posted in two places and mom and Misun were both trying hard to figure out what they wanted when mom stepped over to her right, apparently to get a better view of something. She didn't realise that I'd just put Yonghee down right there and she tripped over him, going down hard. She hit her head on a corner and opened up a bloody gash right in the middle of her forehead, knocking the carseat over as she did so. Once people came over to try to stabilise mom, who seemed in a bad way with blood and all, I went back to Yonghee who was remarkably calm and quiet. I turned the carseat over and opened up the little cover-thing to find that he had slept right through the whole thing. He'd been buckled in securely and I'd not put the handle down yet, so it acted as a rollbar. He didn't seem to notice anything!

that's the daddy way

I like to mess with my daughter whenever I can. I'll often suggest obviously incorrect answers to questions or bits of information just to keep her on her toes. She recognizes this and when she detects me offering up one of this mis-truths, she'll simply respond: joking. For example, the other day, I pointed out the elephant in the pond on our way to work and Mattie quickly said joking, daddy, it's a swan. I'm pretty proud of this because I like to think it's teaching her to be a critical thinker — I sure hope she isn't just learning not to trust daddy.

Last week, Misun, Mattie and gramma went to see the Wizard of Oz and Mattie loved it! She watched the movie the next day on DVD and has been singing the songs ever since. This morning, on the way to Hebrew School, she was singing Somewhere over the rainbow and I decided to help. When I came in wit somewhere under the valley, way down low…, I fully expected to hear: joking! — but I didn't! Instead, I was amused to hear Mattie say that's the daddy way.

I guess th Daddy Way is the opposite of right?

Maverick and the vacuum

A while back, Misun noticed that whenever I would run the vacuum cleaner never get this happy little grin on his face. We weren't really sure why but he seemed to really like it. In fact, sometimes when I would turn it on, he would right to go right to sleep. This was odd because we sorta thought that he would like quiet when he goes to sleep just like we generally tend to.

Thanks to our friend Iona we now know that it's perfectly normal that Maverick loves to fall asleep to the sound of a vacuum. I guess it has to do with this sounds when he was in the womb. She told us thatwhenever she has a particularly fussy babyCollapse ), she'll swaddle him then bounce a little bit up-and-down and make whoosh! whoosh! sounds to recreate the feeling of being in the womb. The kids go right to sleep.

It seems Maverick is the same way. At least there's one thing I'm good at — I can put the little boy to sleep! And it's not just that I'm boring (although that's also true)…
It seems that Mattie is still struggling a bit to get her head around notions of time. We frequently get statements like: a long, long time ago. When I was three. or the other day. When I was three from Mattie. It's really funny to try to figure out exactly what or when she's talking about when she begins this way. However, this morning at breakfast she opened with hey guys! let's talk about the other day, last summer. a long long time ago What exactly am I supposed to make of that?


Maverick started smiling today!

I went home early from work yesterday and stayed in bed most all day — food poisoning. It seems I ate some yogurt that was sitting in our fridge a bit too long and it did not sit will in my belly. I'm still not quite over it, but am generally feeling better. It was yucky.

On the other hand, when I woke up this morning, I was greeted by an obviously happy little boy! It seems that our son has, at about a month and a half old, found his smile and nothing brightens up a day more than that. This, of course, means we're going to spend the rest of our lives trying to bring that smile to his face (just like we do for his older sister) but it's worth it.
Mattie communicates quite well and always has. She knows how to speak her mind and isn't afraid to do so. This fact makes me incredibly proud. This doesn't mean that she's never shy or anything, but rather that she gets over it quick once she gets her bearings in a situation.

She is also genuinely concerned about her friends and family and is not afraid to express this. For the past year or so (maybe ever since she learned about how sending mail works), this has meant that she loves to write letters. Mostly these began as pictures only, but now she writes full-on letters (albeit maybe three or four lines). I have no idea how many times I've come to my desk to find a folded-up piece of paper intended for her cousin Sam or her late Bubby, a new friend from school or her longest friend, Sajin.This last one has received many a letter from our daughter.

All of this always makes me think of her Aunt Jessica, who still loves to send letters out to her friends and family. I've never been as good at it as she is (although I email like a champ!) and have always been a little jealous, but it makes me happy to see Mattie following in her footstep because I know how happy I always am to receive mail.

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